Frequently Asked Questions
1Can I cancel at any time?
Can I cancel at any time? 
Absolutely–we don’t prorate months, but we’ll stop the next month’s billing as soon as asked.
2Can you reconcile my prior months?
We can go back as many months as you’d like, and we offer a discount off of our normal monthly price.
3Can you do accrual based accounting?
Sure! One of the benefits of Aqtoro is that our team is top notch and able to handle more complicated accounting.
4How much work will I still need to do?
How involved you want to be is completely up to you. We’re not at all joking that some of our clients don’t even remember their QuickBooks login anymore. If we need information, we’ll reach out to you but other than that rest easy that everything accounting-related is being taken care of.
5What bookkeeping software do you use?
We overwhelmingly use and prefer QuickBooks online. While there is other software out there, QBO is—for better or worse—the one software to rule them all.
6What do you need to start my bookkeeping?
We need access to your bookkeeping software (or we can help you set it up) and read-only access to your business bank accounts and credit cards. That’s it to start!
7What’s the tax process?
In a nutshell, we set you up on our secure portal, where you upload your prior year returns. For personal returns, we send out a Tax Organizer where you answer some questions and upload all your tax documents. For a business return (for partnerships, S-Corps and C-Corps), we ask that you upload all tax documents to the portal. We handle your business finances—and all the rest!
8Can I get a QuickBooks discount through you?
No problem. And it’s easy for us to transfer billing back if we go in different directions. Your account will always remain your account, no matter who handles the billing.
9How long does it take to complete my bookkeeping?
We aim to have financial reports to you by the 15th of the next month.
10What’s the point of a bookkeeper?
A bookkeeper categorizes your transactions and reconciles your account, and then our accounting managers send you your financial reports at the end of every month. This gives you a clear view of your business and what is going on. Most importantly, it lets you make decisions with as much information as possible.
11Can you handle my AP/invoicing/sales tax/payroll?
Yes. These are all add-on services.
12Why does my bookkeeper keep encouraging me to separate business and personal expenses?
‘Cause we’re looking out for you! Consistently using your business account for non-business purchases can put you at risk for “piercing the corporate veil” and stripping you of any LLC protection.